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DenizArt's abstracts pictures reflect a broad mixture of worldwide memories collected during several stays abroad in cities of NewYork, Capetown, Singapore, Bangkok, Seoul and many other fascinating places.


Istanbul Impressions

The unique spirit of Istanbul is expressed by DenizArt's carefully spottet impressions reaching from her early childhood up to the modern life in the most beautiful city of Turkey.


Japanese Magic

The Magic of Japanese culture motivates DenizArt to combine traditionell and modern themes with a lovely view on asian beauty and the nature of Sakura - the colorful cherry blossoms.



Infinity and pureness, the secrets from the gentle shiny Aegean Sea to the roughness of the foaming Pacific. DenizArt expresses the natural spectacle of the world seas in the play of deep ocean colors. 

About DenizArt

Deniz Küsem is an artist from Istanbul, living in Germany. She interested in colors and drawing since her childhood. That talent was also discovered by her Kindergarden teacher.       Deniz ´ art notes were always excellent. In her sketches she  drew fashion models and portraits in the study times. She had not much time for her passion, because she had to work after school. She began to work as a stewardess, in that time helped the family and her brother to study. 
"I had to put my dreams in a suitcase, but now when I think about the past, that gave me a vision about the life: I saw lots of countries all over the world, different people and cultures, sights and sounds ... Every experience in our lives brings us something to be a part of us. "
Then she fell in love, he was a german engineer in that time in Istanbul for a bussiness trip. After marriage she moved to Germany. And she shares her inspirations and dreams with people by her art.

DenizArt`s Works reflect a broadwide mixture of worldwide memories during several stays abroad and fascinated places in the world. Different  cultures inspired her as well as Istanbul where she grew up and lived. She uses every colour that she likes, artworks are influenced by her mood, feelings and nature. She has mostly abstracts, also sketches and figurative peaces. "I like the colors and harmony on an artwork.
Every region of the world gives something to us.
I have a special interest in Japanese culture, history and art.    When I am happy and satisfied of my work, it is ready; I believe that reflects to the others. To me everything can be an inspiration: sometimes a corner of a street or just a look of an unknown person.
  I love to give people something for their hearts and souls with my art."  

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